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BetVictor has introduced the FastFunds option to our withdrawal methods. It’s a fast, convenient and secure method that gets your withdrawals into your account within 30 minutes of approvalFastFunds is available to VISA users. Your bank must offer the FastFunds feature, not all issuing banks currently have the facility. We would recommend that you check with your bank to see if this feature is available for you. Withdrawals may be pending due to further compliance and security processing checks.


Frequently asked Questions

Visa Direct worked on another site, why does it not work on BetVictor?
A) Please make sure you have deposited with that card previously. If you have and you still receive notification that the service is not available you need to speak to your bank. BetVictor send a request on each transaction to check if the card is available.

Q) I see the message "Your payment method is not available for this service. Apologies for any inconvenience" What does this mean? 

A) This message would mean your payment method currently does not support FastFunds, you would need to speak to your provider regarding this. 

Q) Can you enroll me in Visa Direct?
A) BetVictor are not able to enroll customers on Visa Direct. Please speak to your bank.

Q) I made several withdrawals earlier during the day and they were approved and received in my bank account immediately. There is still one pending request that has not been approved in over 30 minutes. Why is that?
A) For security and operational reasons, BetVictor limit the amount that can be processed automatically each day per account. There may also be other referral reasons for compliance and security purposes. 

Q) What is the max I can withdraw with FastFunds? 
A) The max withdrawal per transaction is £2,500, this may be requested more than once however may be subject to security checks. 



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