Why do I get an error message when trying to play a casino game?

Technical issues may sometimes occur when playing casino games which can lead to a game crashing or not opening at all.  We keep a record of all gameplay so we can locate the game round in question and fix it to allow you to play further.

If your spin/bet fails to complete on one of our casino slot or table games then it is likely that you have a stuck game. This can often be resolved by logging out and back in again, the game will pick up from where it left off so your spin can be determined a win or a loss and your account balance adjusted accordingly.

If you receive the message 'Invalid games state - another game is still open' it is likely you have a 'stuck' game.  This can often be resolved by clearing your temporary files and cookies and clearing your java cache.  If this fails to resolve the problem please contact us via Live Chat on the web site with the following information:

Game played:
Date and time issue started:
Total Stake:

Alternatively, you can email the game details to help@betvictor.com

These details can then be forwarded to our technical team for them to release the stuck game.  Please allow up to 72 hours for the issue to be resolved, once completed you will be notified via email.

In most cases, we will be able to credit you with your stake and/or potential winnings from a game round that was not successfully completed.  Please note however, as per the terms and conditions displayed on our website:

Customers participating in any online betting or gaming do so at their own discretion and risk.  We will not be responsible for any delays errors or losses due to failure breakdown interruption or malfunction of computer hardware or software or Internet or other communications media or connection for any reason whatsoever.  We will at all times use reasonable endeavors to overcome any such event or occurrence so far as we can but do not guarantee our ability to do so.  We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to cancel any transactions arising as a result of any such event or occurrence.



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